Trafford Hall

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Cheshire Cottage

  • Cheshire Village,Beach House in kannur

Fort house

  • Cheshire Village


  • Cheshire Village


  • Cheshire Village

Organic vegetable garden

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Barbeque area

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Kids' Play area

  • Cheshire Village

Natural pond

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Rock with waterfall

  • Cheshire Village

Gazebo with coconut palm leaves

  • Cheshire Village


  • Cheshire Village

Kid’s play area

The play area is near the front entrance of the cheshire village ,beach resort in kannur. This provides plenty of opportunities for kids of different ages to enjoy the time there. There is a swing, climbing frame, 8 shaped path to ride tricycle, sand pits, climbing rocks, a slide and plenty of areas to play around.

Beach activities

There is access to mattool beach for beach activities such as swimming, playing in the sandy beach and to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of arabian sea and ezhimala.

Kayaking and fishing in the pond

The natural fresh water pond in the property has edible and fancy fish. Equipment for fishing and kayaking are provided so that the guests can enjoy these activities.

Morning walk

Guests can enjoy the morning stroll on the long walkway around the property or embark on a relaxing walk on the beach.


Cycling through the paved walkway around the village or on the beach road is an opportunity to enjoy the nature’s beauty in a healthier way. Bicycles will be available at request.

Feeding fish and observing their activities

This is another enjoyable activity that we encourage here.

Feeding pigeons at the Kaboother Khana

Plenty of pigeons are grown in the pet area which are very friendly especially when fed.

Pet farm with lambs, chickens, pigeons and swans

Guests can feed these animals and watch them play.

Indoor activities

Guests can also enjoy indoor activities such as snooker and many board games. The snooker table and equipment are on site available at request. A wooden antique piano is also available in the Trafford Hall.